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Affect product printing quality and production safety
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  1. The best way to reduce the amount of static electricity is to minimize unnecessary insulating material objects in the working area. (insulating material cannot conduct electricity. It is the source of high static electricity and the person with static electricity and easy to generate static electricity field).

  2. 2. In order to prevent the generation of static electricity and static electricity field, appropriate protective measures must be taken in the work area, such as conductive floor, conductive wax, etc.; personnel must wear static electricity shoes with static electricity dissipating material sole and anti-static clothing. In particular, plastic parts of metal tools are not allowed in the electrostatic protection zone. Soldering irons, tin absorbers, test instruments, etc. shall be designed with special and safe anti-static devices. Unauthorized equipment shall not be carried into the protection area.

  3. 3. Next, avoid loose and hanging clothing accessories touching sensitive components - keep the distance between electrostatic sensitive components and clothing more than 6 inches (15 cm).

  4. 4. The common misconception is that high humidity can solve the problem of static electricity, so it is not correct to consider other methods to reduce the generation of static electricity. Although high humidity can reduce the static electricity generated to the point that the human body cannot touch and sense it, it is still enough to damage sensitive components. The correct idea is that high humidity can inhibit the generation of static electricity, while low humidity is the opposite.