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What is the air gap between electrodes?

The air gap between electrodes varies from 1mm to 2.5mm according to different materials, but the gap between electrodes should be constant. We recommend a spacing of 1.5mm. However, if the material is quite thick or the part to be spliced or spliced at the tail is relatively thick, the spacing can be increased appropriately.

The minimum spacing is 1mm. If the distance between stores and the distance between grounding rollers is small, pay attention to cooling the electrodes and ensure that the temperature does not exceed the safe operating temperature.

Refer to the machine manual for the correct clearance adjustment procedure. If you need the instrument to measure the electrode gap, please contact us, we will provide you with a measuring meter free of charge.

How long is the electrode life?

If properly cooled and treated, the ceramic electrode can be used continuously for two years. The key to prolong its life is cooling.

Overheating is the primary cause of electrode failure after physical damage. As long as the ceramic is used as the dielectric material of the electrode, the electrode can provide stable performance day by day, year by year. Ceramics provide dielectric or buffering action to prevent direct arc formation with the ground.

Can electrodes be repaired when needed?

If the ceramic is damaged or there are small holes, the electrode cannot be repaired. If the high-voltage wire or fixing sleeve is damaged but the ceramic tube is intact, the electrode can be repaired.

When summer comes, how can we ensure the optimal production of surface processors?

The biggest problem of corona treatment system is machine failure. The power supply problem is the root cause of the machine failure. Dust, humidity accumulation and film residue cause comprehensive damage effect and high-pressure failure. The heat dissipation parts are blocked, and there is accumulation on the electrode insulator and high-voltage parts, which are all potential failure problems. The best way to ensure reliability is to keep these places clean. 





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